Do Not Update To iOS 5.0.1 If You Want Untethered iOS 5 Jailbreak

Recently we have Published article witch is about untethered jailbreak for ios 5 Coming Soon, witch was Tweet By pod2g that he Found some bug and He is Soon Going to Release ios 5 Untethered jailbreak.

Now same iphone Developer and Hacker Has Posted on Twitter that if you want Untethered jailbreak for ios 5 then Don’t Update to ios 5.0.1.

pod2g update Do Not Update To iOS 5.0.1 If You Want Untethered iOS 5 Jailbreak
Note about 5.0.1 : don’t update if you plan on jbking : the bug Charlie MILLER found can simplify exploits dramatically and will be closed.

pod2g has Posted on Twitter that Recently apple has Released ios 5.0.1 witch will fix the Bug witch pod2g has found for untethered jailbreak.

No details have been given about the bug, so all we know at this point is that it was discovered by security researcher Charlie Miller and that it can “simplify exploits” so it becomes easier to jailbreak.

Apple has Released new version of ios 5.0.1 and it’s Fixing Some issue s like battery drain issue, fixing the iPad 2 Smart Cover issue and adding multitasking gestures to original iPad.

Now it’s all on you, If you Don’t want Untethered jailbreak then you can Update to ios 5 and if you want untethered jailbreak then Don’t Update it.

Stay Tune with us for More Details, We will update you with more information.

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