Download iReminder 2.4 Cydia Tweak

Download iReminder 2.4 Cydia Tweak

iReminder comes with new smart Update 2.4 for users with Excitement features and fix many of bugs and improved the stability of tweak. iReminder lets you have reminders on your lockscreen, you can use this tweak as a reminder, note to your self, quick shopping list, etc.. this tweak lets you scroll up and down on the lockscreen so they are not cramed together. this is really nice thing to have a is very useful.You can choose from 184 driffrent fonts and choose colors too.

You can also choose your font size you would like it to be on your lockscreen.iReminder only works for the iPhones and ipodtouchs at the moment. Enjoy! Now (semi) Works with iPads! iReminder Now supports vieing your reminder in the Notification Centre! Now Has New Mini Reminders.

Pictures of iReminder 2.4 Cydia Tweak :-

4f61ccb99b539.png 200x300 Download iReminder 2.4 Cydia Tweak

The New Version of  iReminder 2.4 Cydia Tweak :-

  • Now should fix all other cydia tweak conficts (notifier+ etc)
  • fixes call crash issue for those 1/2 that here having that issue.
  • Fixed Flicker of Reminder When Unlocking.
  • New Mini Notes Feature!
  • Now Leaves Reminder Behind Message/notification so you can still “slide to view” or “slide to reply”.
  • Fixes the problem when you relock when you have notification it goes over the top.
  • Alot Better Stabily.

Download :- iReminder 2.4 Cydia Tweak for iPhone, iPad and iPod

Stay tune with us for more Update about iReminder Cydia in future

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