Fix to the absinthe.exe stopped working

Many of the iphone 4s user have been waiting to jailbreak their phone now can jailbreak their iphone using the absinthe jailbreak. If wondering why to jailbreak here is the answer apple restricts its devices under its ecosystem to allow limited apps from the app store to unlock its full potential we can jailbreak it. With a jailbroken iphone you can use your device as a wifi hotspot .cydia is just like the apples app store that lets you install apps that are not present in the app store. Unlock the carrier lock from your device after that you can use device under any carrier. And you can stop unwanted data usage by the background apps saving a lot data that. There are numerous benefits of jail breaking but there are falls to as we wouldn’t be able to receive new updates right away, but there are some issues that can be faced while absinthe jailbreak is used  for jail breaking. When jailbreak process is about to be done absinthe.exe stops giving the following message that the absinthe.exe has stopped working.

  • The probable  solution to this problem will be to use the application as administrator that may solve the problem  if problem still persists there may be other problems other than absinthe
  • Try reinstalling windows
  • Unzip  both the packages into a single folder  and then try installing the absinthe
  • Always made sure that have the latest version to iTunes
  • If you face problem signifying problem with VPN toggle VPN on/off button from setting and switch off the VPN.
  • If the error appears when clicking the jailbreak button the problem is with the extraction. Extract the  data package and absinthe into the absinthe.exe though you will get error but it certainly will solve the problem
  • Always take backup before  initiate jail broking your phone  if something goes wrong  u still can restore your data  in case if some problem occurs

If you have followed each step carefully your problem would have solved by now.

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