How to convert and Play Flash SWF on iPhone

There are lots of flash games that we normally play these days, and each of them is based on flash format. However, you can not directly play these games on your apple mobile devices, such as the original Ipad, the newer Ipad2, the Ipod Touch and the Iphones.  Most of the mobile and tablet PC giants including the Apple have restricted the flash files being played on their mobile platforms.  If you wish to play the flash files on any of your Apple Platform, then you have to convert the flash format into some acceptable format before running them.

iphone 4s 1 500x491 How to convert and Play Flash SWF on iPhone So how this conversion can be achieved? There is much software available online that convert the SWT file format to a format which is run by the Iphones, Ipad/Ipad2 and the Ipod Touch. Before you begin downloading, read the reviews to ensure that you get the best SWF Flash file converter. After installing the software, now insert the SWF file of the flash game that has to be converted to run on the Apple platform. Select the output file to the mp4 format and press “run” or “start” to begin the process. The software will then convert the file to the appropriate file format. After the conversion is completed, save the file to a destination folder.

Alternatively, you may also get the software from the the official Apple website. This converter software is usually free, which lets you enjoy the flash games on your favorite Apple Mobile platform.  This free software undergoes the same operation as mentioned above.  Download a free SWF to Ipad/Iphone/Ipod Touch converter and then install this software.  Then select the SWF files (that have to be converted) source, select the output file format and run the converter. When completed, save all the converted files to a destination folder and you are done. Now you can enjoy the flash games on your Apple mobile platform, which you previously enjoyed online or you’re Personal Computer.

One thing that must be adhered to be that always follows the procedures during the installation. If you skip one, then you will never get the required file format, or likely it may go corrupt. After converting the files, you can sit back and enjoy the flash games on your Iphones, Ipad/Ipad2, and the Ipod Touch. All you have to do is to get a good SWF to Apple devices converter. Some are free, while rest charges a little. If they give the good results for a certain amount of money, then what’s the harm in giving them a try, or alternatively get your free software registered as soon as possible. The registered software is always better and gives you the full access.

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