How To import Gmail Contacts into iCloud

How To import Gmail Contacts into iCloud

Recently iphone and ipad updated to ios 5 and Now we can See many people are using ipad 2 with ios 5 and it’s Come with new Features of icloud, if you also using icloud then Now you can Sync your Google Contacts to icloud easily.

Unfortunately the iCloud web interface doesn’t provide any direct means to do this, so here is Step By Step Guide to Import Gmail Contacts to icloud.

How To import Gmail Contacts into iCloud :

Follow the Below Given Step to Import Google Contact to icloud.

Step 1 : First Go to your Google Contacts

Step 2 : Click the More menu > Export

Step 3 : Now Slect Contact witch you want to import.

Step 4 : Choose vCard format and click the Export button.

Step 5 : “Export”, download the file to your computer and rename the contacts.vcf to yourname.vcf.

Step 6 : Access with your Apple ID account and go to the contacts.

Step 7 : Drag the .vcf file into the window under All Contacts.

Step 8 : Now go to your ipad 2 Settings > iCloud and make sure Contacts is listed as ON.

Important Note: Make sure there are no contacts listed here before importing or this may not work. The page needs to be blank.

That’s it you have Successfully import all the Google Contacts to icloud.


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