How to Make a Conference call on iphone

Complete Guide to make a Conference call on iphone

Conference call on iphone Gives you option to communicate with more than one person and you can easily communicate with maximum 5 people on calls, Conference call is always good idea to make some planning or to discuss some important matter with more than one person.

You can use Conference Call on iphone for corporate telephonic meeting which will save your time, as you all know now a day it’s hard to bring all 5 people to same place at same time so it’s really good way to make Conference call on iphone.

Conference Call Using iphone will save lots of important time and you don’t have to go anywhere you can do this with your own iphone, now a day’s who preferred to visit someone for small talk when it can be possible with smart phone and this feature will help you to communicate with anyone, if you are not in business then you can plan for picnic or anything with your Friends and family members and you can discuss any points using your iphone and just make conference call.

Conference call on iphone

It’s easy to make conference call on iPhone and with this call you can talk with up-to five people at the same time. To starting a conference call on iphone or making a call then place the caller on hold click on add button to make another call similarly do for more other people with you want to do conference than click on merge calls to bring everyone together and start group conversation.

iPhone is actually a two line phone and one of the available lines can be involved in a conference call. If you want to drop a call than it is easy just tap on red circle with the picture of the phone which appears next to the call and tap to end call that caller go out of the conference.

As well as other feature is to talk privately one on one of caller in a conference call on iphone , simple click on conference and click on private to next. Later on you can bring him to conference so everyone can hear him.

Simple steps to make a Conference call on iPhone :

  • Step 1 : First Call to First Person to start Conference call on iphone
  • Step 2 : Now tap on add call button and add 2nd person, first person will be on hold
  • Step 3 : Now Click on Merge Call
  • Step 4 : Now call to other people if you want to add more then 2, you can add 5 people on Conference call on iphone
  • Step 5 : That’s it you done, you can do conference call on iphone with 5 people at same time.

You can also Drop Single person from Conference call, to do this you need to tap on i icon near to a person and this will stop his call from conference calls using iphone and you can continue your call with other members who are in conference with you.

In conference call on iphone you can also talk with someone personally, this mean you can make personal talk with single person and all other call members will be on hold and they are not able to listen your personal talk, to do this you need to tap on I icon Near to Person and then tap on Private, this will allows you to talk with someone in personal and once your talk is over then you can tap on merge to resume your Group conference Call on iphone with other people.

One of the important Feature is you can also Join incoming call and it’s caller to your conference Call on iphone, to do this you need to Receive incoming call and keep on hold conference call and once you receive that call then tap on Merge call to add incoming callers to your conference call, with this incoming caller also now part of your Group conference Calling and you can start your Discussion about anything, it can be personal or business related.

Conference Call on iphone is possible with all the version of iphone, Enjoy your Conference call on iphone, if you are getting any problem then feel free to write in comments, we are here to help you.

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