How to make a Conference call on iPhone, iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C & iPhone 4S

How to make a Conference call on iPhone

iPhone having great features of Conference call, with it you can arrange a meeting, discussion, family chatting on call, friends group call. At a time you can enjoy conference call with Five people.

You can use this for corporate telephonic meeting which will save your time to go for personal talk. At the time yu can talk with five people so it feels like near conversation.

It easy and simple to make conference call on your iPhone with up-to five people at the same time. To starting a conference call or making a call then place the caller on hold click on add button to make another call similarly do for more other people with you want to do conference call than click on merge calls to bring everyone together and start group conversation.

iPhone is actually a two line phone and one of the available lines can be involved in a conference call. If you want to drop a conference call than it is easy just tap on red circle with the picture of the phone which appears next to the call and tap to end call that caller go out of the conference.

As well as other feature is to talk privately one on one of caller in a conference, simple click on conference and click on private to next. Later on you can bring him to conference so everyone can hear him.

Simple steps to make a Conference call on iPhone :

  • Step 1 : Call the person with you want to do conference call
  • Step 2 : Call another person to whom you want to add in conference
  • Step 3 : Click on Merge Call
  • Step 4 : That’s it you done, you can do conference call with 5 people on iPhone

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