How to make Conference Calls on iphone

How to make Conference Calls on iphone

We have heard lots of time about Conference Calls, this is very important when you are using Smartphone like iphone, you can make Now Conference call on your Device.

You can add your multiple Friends to Conference Call, with this you can talk with all friends at once call, all of them can start discussion together with you.

Conference Calling on iPhone1 300x216 How to make Conference Calls on iphone

Follow the Below Given Step by Step Guide to make Conference Calls On iphone :

Step 1 : First You need to Dial One Number, call on First Number.

Step 2 : After that now you can See the option “add call”, this option make First call on Hold.

Step 3 : Now Select or Dial Second number and hit Call Button, after that you can see the Conference Call Button

Step 4 : Now Click on Conference Call.

Step 5 : In same Method you can add more Friends to same Conference Call.

That’s it, Stay Tune with us for More Details, We will update you with more information.

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