How to understand the iPhone 4 better

Customer satisfaction is one of the key elements of service that Apple holds highly and with most regard. It is almost as though with every new product they release out to the market they strive to meet the customers’ demands and sometimes even exceed them. After the iPhone 3 series, it became imperative that Apple come up with a new generation Smartphone that would provide more features and be more convenient in all ways. Customers go for the outlook of the phone, the applications the phone comes with and the efficiency of the functions such as those of the camera and so on. The iPhone 4 followed offering consumers some of what they had hoped for. iPhone 4 brought to the table a lot of things that the iPhone 3 users had only been able to wish for. Most iPhone 3 users rushed in to get the new arrival because it came with a far much more exciting and useful feature that the 3series did not have.

apple iphone 4 91 How to understand the iPhone 4 better

The iPhone 4 allowed the user to multitask on their phones. Multitasking on such devices is usually accompanied by the assumption that the battery life would dwindle so fast one would have to be close to a socket so they can charge the phone simultaneously. The iPhone lets the user multitask without compromising battery life and without reducing the quality and speed of data transfer. The task switcher makes it so easy to move from one function to another and between applications. All one has to do is double click on the homepage, switch button and then get on with their use of whatever application they please. The other previous functions recede into the background and may continue running or may get frozen.

Frozen or receded, previous applications can be restored to the exact point they were before. Switching between applications does not mean loss of information or any stalling in the progress of important programs that had already been running. One can make voice calls and continue having GPS functions running in the background. In case of any important updates, there is the local notifications function that pops up news between applications. This is important as the updates might be vital to the user. The communication is independent of whatever application is running so the user is always assured of getting them.

The world is becoming an increasingly busy place. There is hardly any time to spare anymore. Apple recognized this and designed the iPhone 4 which allows the user to forget all about the clutter in smart phones. The interface is now allowed to be organized into folders that are easy to create and rename. All one has to do is drag similar applications together one onto another and the device will automatically name the folder that results. The user can rename the folder as desired.

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