How to use Find My iPhone App on iPhone 5S

Complete Guide to use Find My iPhone App on iphone 5s

It is needful to carry your iPhone 5S with you, which helps a lot to you to stay, connect with your colleagues, office, friends and families. Which means while you traveling you carry your device with you which means it can be place anywhere whether at office in a conference room, under a pillow or your couch. So it increase chance to lose your iPhone 5S, but with Find My iPhone Application it will help to find lost iPhone.

Find My iPhone App on iPhone 5S Will allows you to find your iphone easily, apple has introduce this feature to trace your iphone, they have given this features with inbuilt ios means if you are losing your phone somewhere and you are not able to found it then you can login to your account and then you can tap on Find my iphone and if your ios device is connected to internet by using Wi-Fi or Data then you will easily find it.

Find My iPhone App on iPhone 5S

Find My iPhone App on iPhone 5S is very much useful application, with this app you are even able to spot the place where you have place your device and there is also useful information like you can ring your iphone so if you have forgot your iphone in your bedroom or any other place then you can easily find it using this method.

Find My iPhone App on iPhone 5S is also allows you option to lock it or wipe all the data on your iphone, suppose if you forgot your iphone to some unknown place and now you don’t have chance to get it back then you can tap on wipe data option this will delete all the important data on your iphone and if someone get this iphone then also they are not able to get your data, for this your device at least connected to internet by using Wi-Fi or Mobile data.

So just follow our instruction to make it worthy on your device.

How to use Find My iPhone App on iPhone 5S

  • Step 1 : Go to Setting
  • Step 2 : Then iCloud and turn on the Find My iPhone Feature.

Now don’t panic, in case your iPhone 5S goes missing Find My iPhone App will help you to find it out, while you lose it follow above steps;

  • Step 1 : Login to
  • Step 2 : Use Find My iPhone App to see your missing iPhone 5S on mac or any other Computer.

It tracks your device where it is been, and even you can immediately lock your device and send it a message with a contact number, so while it founds by someone can call you from the lock screen without accessing rest of the information on your device.

i hope this guide about Find My iPhone App on iPhone 5S is useful for you and if you have any questions then you can write in comments and Don’t forget to share this post with your friends and family members.

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