ipad 3 Will be Thinner than ipad 2

Here is Some new News for ipad Lover, ipad 3 is upcoming and Most awaited from Apple and Now its Making More and More News On internet, Recently there was News that Apple is Going to Launch ipad 3 By March and Its production Started.

Now New Report Coming witch Clearly Says that ipad 3 will be More thinner than ipad 2. Recently cultofmac has Reported about this New Story of ipad 3.The reason that was cited was that Apple will use Retina displays in iPad 3 which requires extra illumination and for that reason, the size of iPad 3 was said to be thicker than iPad 2.

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Report says:

The forthcoming iPad 3 will be thinner than the iPad 2, Cult of Mac has exclusively learned at the Consumer Electronics Show from a well-placed source.

A major accessory manufacturer already working on iPad 3 cases has told Cult of Mac the upcoming device is measurably more svelte than the iPad 2, despite the fact that the iPad 2 is already Apple’s thinnest profile iOS device.

The current iPad has a working time of about 10 hours, and if the new iPad comes with more features, Apple would certainly provide a better battery as well.

Stay Tune with us for more Details,We will update you with more information.

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