iPhone 5 Coming with 4G LTE : Confirmed By Verizon

iphone 5 To Comes With 4G LTE Network Confirmed By Verzion.

Just yesterday We have Reported that Next Version of new iphone Will be available With LTE Network by Mid of this Year. Recently Apple has Released New Version of ipad 3 Witch has 4G LTE Network and it’s almost Conformed that New iphone will be also Comes With 4G LTE.

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Now We have More Evidence that Apple’s Next version of iphone Will be available With 4G LTE Network, This Evidence Comes out of the Dow Jones NewsWires interview With Verizon’s Chief Technical Officers, David Small :

imgres 300x166 iPhone 5 Coming with 4G LTE : Confirmed By Verizon

“Verizon Wireless has pumped billions into building out and promoting the high-speed data network known as 4G LTE, but the carrier has drawn just 5% of its customers to the faster network, as it has struggled to convince customers to upgrade from their 3G devices, most notably Apple Inc.’s (AAPL) popular iPhone.

The carrier said that for the rest of 2012, it would only unveil smartphones capable of running on its 4G LTE network. The statement suggests any new iPhone this year will be 4G LTE-capable

It’s Look like Verizon is Concentrate on More and More 4G LTE Smartphone in 2012 and iphone 5 is one of the Best Product For Verizon to get Good Subscriber.

Stat Tunes With Us For More Details, We will update You With More information about iphone 5 4G LTE.

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