Sprint Going to Get New ipad Soon

Recently Apple has Released new version of Ipad Witch is Named as New ipad, New ipad is Coming With Lots of new Features like Retina Display, ISight Camera, long Battery Life and One of the Most Important is Now New ipad is Supporting 4G LTE Network.

New ipad is Comes With 4G LTE Network and Apple has Said That Currently 4G LTE is Coming to Verizon and AT&T and there is nothing about Sprint, But Now Report Coming That Soon Sprint is Going to Join new ipad Party and They are Going to Offer 4G LTE Network.

Recently Engadget has Reported about this that anonymous source, is showing what is reportedly a look at Best Buy’s inventory database, which shows: “Sprint iPad New” a whole bunch of times.

ipadsprint1 Sprint Going to Get New ipad Soon
According to Engadget :

What we’re seeing above (and below) may help put friends of the Now Network at ease: the new iPad for Sprint has arrived in Best Buy’s internal inventory system.

Sprint is Selling iphone 4s and they are Good Relation with Apple From iphone 4s launch and Now According to This Report Sprint is also Going to Get New ipad By End of April.

So if you are planing to Get new 4G LTE ipad then you have to wait till April.

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